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South Carolina Take Down The Confederate Flag

As a liberal, I never thought I would find common ground with the government of Texas or with conservative Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. I’ll still maintain that women’s bodies don’t belong to the state, Evangelicals or anyone other than the woman herself.  I’ll still condemn the Texas government’s persistent and systematic efforts to disenfranchise […]

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Eric Holder Says Good-bye To the Department of Justice And Hello To Freedom From GOP Cretins

Now that Loretta Lynch is the new Attorney-General, Eric Holder will enter the next phase of his life. From his confirmation hearings through the Republican foot dragging of Loretta Lynch’s confirmation, Eric Holder was the Republican Party’s second favorite target of the Republican cretins hatred, made up scandals and propensity to waste money on “investigations” […]

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The Right Wing Won’t Stop Until It Kills The Vote

Everyone will agree that Tuesday’s mid-terms resulted in big wins for the Republican Party.  We part company when it comes to “message” sent by voters. Often when there are competing interpretations of an event, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  Not this time.  Few of “the people” voted.  Republicans were already favored to win […]