Oops She Slipped Up Again Read more

Oops She Slipped Up Again

Faster you can blink, Michele Bachmann made another one of her “slip-ups” and retracted it. This time it was at a rally in Florida. The St. Petersburg Times reports that Michele has a perfectly logical explanation for the earthquake and Hurricane Irene. “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention […]

Submission According To Bachmann Read more

Submission According To Bachmann

Enquiring minds want to know if Michelle Bachmann would be a submissive wife, if (God help us) the U.S. has the misfortunate of a Michelle Bachmann presidency.  In classic Bachmann fashion, Michelle conveys a partial understanding of the word when she speaks of the mutual respect she and her  pray-the-gay-away husband, Marcus share.  Rightwingwatch notes […]

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Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Michelle Bachmann’s constant effort to project nazi ideology on to Democrats, progressives and well, anyone with a brain is getting way beyond the ordinary dirty tricks that have become the new normal in Teapublican politics. The very notion of re-branding right-wing totalitarianism as a left wing ideology makes a mockery of those who suffered under […]