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Remembering Robin Williams and His Amazing Ability to “Touch Every Element of The Human Spirit”


The tragic news about Robin Williams’ death is just starting to sink in. Continue reading

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Gun Sense – Not! Texas Agency Wants to Sell Alcohol at Gun Shows


It can only happen at gun shows in Texas. It’s where you can strap a semi-automatic on your back and go to church, a restaurant or a baseball game.  You can block traffic in the name of promoting gun culture.  You can shoot someone first, see if you had a reason to fear them later. Continue reading

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Obama Says The problems in Iraq Cannot Be Solved Overnight

Obama on Iraq

Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency, the GOP made it clear they wanted him to fail. Continue reading

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New Study: Odds of ID laws Stopping in Person Voter Fraud 31 In a Billion

Voter Fraud

Throughout their efforts to suppress the vote, Republicans claimed restrictive voter ID laws are necessary. Continue reading

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Medical Examiner Rules James Brady’s Death A Homicide


NBC reports a medical examiner has ruled James Brady’s death was a homicide resulting from his injuries during the 1982 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Continue reading

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FL GOP Try to Replace Unconstitutional Map With New Unconstitutional Map


Florida Republicans responded to a Federal Court order to redraw their congressional map so that it will conform with the state’s constitution.  There is just one problem, the new map looks virtually identical to the unconstitutional one Judge Terry P. Lewis concluded was too gerrymandered to pass constitutional muster.  Judge Lewis drew particular attention to Districts 5 & 10.

Here is some of what the Judge said about District 5.

“Congressional District does not adhere tothe tier-two standards in Article III Section 1.  It is visually not compact, bizarrely shaped, and does not follow traditional political boundaries as it winds from Jacksonville to Orlando.”

As Think Progress explains the differences between District 5 as drawn in the unconstitutional congressional map and the redrawn version are minimal.

Winding awkwardly around the center of the state to include the urban centers of Gainesville and Orlando made District 5 about 50 percent African American, and the population has been represented in Washington by Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL), a vocal member of Congressional Black Caucus, since 1992…

The new map proposed by state legislators would reduce Brown’s district to 48 percent African-American, while boosting her neighbor’s district–represented by Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL) from 10 to over 12 percent African-American. Other than that tweak, the basic politics of the state are unlikely to change.

The League of Woman Voters and Common Cause, who brought the lawsuit on behalf of voters in Florida were not impressed.

They described the new map as “a slight alteration” that does a “disservice to voters who have waited too long for constitutional districts.”

Even though Republicans have the votes to pass this map in the legislature, it is unlikely that Judge Lewis will be any more impressed with this sham than the voters rights groups who brought this matter to the court’s attention.

As it stands, it’s debatable if a new map can be in place by Election Day.  The judge already indicated that it may be necessary to postpone the election or hold a special election in the affected districts.  Those possibilities look increasingly.

Image: Tampa Bay



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Crazy Rick Wiles Says Ebola Will Target Athiests, Gays and Sluts


Right winger and faux Christian, Rick Wiles found the way to create that a right wing Utopia – Ebola. Continue reading

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Cincinatti Joins The Fight Against Republican Vote Suppression


Forty-nine years after we passed the Voting Rights Act, Republicans continue to wage a brutal war on the vote with restrictive Voter ID laws, heavily gerrymandered electoral maps, reduced or eliminated early voting.  They eliminate voting places in the name of “saving money” with the result that it can take hours for voters to journey to their newly designated voting places – which by coincidence are inaccessible by public transportation.

Republicans wage war on the vote because when voters show up, Republicans lose.

Throughout this battle, Republicans framed the debate as an attempt to improve the integrity of the vote.

The fact is in person voter fraud is statistically non-existent.  The only people who are guilty of threatening the rights of eligible voters and the election system’s integrity are Gerry Mander and Jim Crow II.

Numerous studies over the years proved that Gerry Mander and Jim Crow II disenfranchised eligible voters who, by coincidence, are more likely to vote Democrat.

This battle will be on going as long as there is a political party that benefits from a heavily restricted voting pool.  That’s why most Republicans in Congress are perfectly happy to do nothing to address the Supreme Court’s ruling that gutted the Voting Rights Act.

They know that the absence of the pre-clearance formula seriously weakens the law. It means red states can pass vote suppression laws and the only means to stop them is through time consuming and costly court challenges.  Yes, it can be done, slowly and it means that some eligible voters will be disenfranchised.

Meanwhile, there is a bill that would resurrect the pre-clearance formula.  However, it is languishing in Congress because pre-clearance is a vote suppressor’s worst enemy.

The fact is we have to keep fighting for the vote. When we fight, we win.  When vote suppression measures are challenged in the courts, we win – even in states where Republicans rule the roost.

We can help people register. We can help get out the vote at election time. We can help voters get to the polls.  We can vote out anti-vote Republicans. We can support voting rights groups who are challenging state laws that suppress the vote.

Civil Rights Groups are petitioning Congress to do its job. We can sign the petition, which reads:

Over a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. Now states and localities around the country are making changes that will discriminate against voters based solely on the color of their skin or the language they speak. And voters will feel the impact of these changes this November.

Congress must protect all voters by passing the bipartisan Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA) to restore the VRA and provide modern, nationwide protections against discrimination at the ballot box.

Since the VRAA (HR 3899/S 1945) was introduced this January, the Senate has held one hearing on the bill, and the House has failed to act. Inaction is not an option. Every day Congress fails to live up to its constitutional obligation to protect the right to vote, it gives a free pass to voting discrimination.

In Ohio, voting rights groups are fighting to make voting a constitutionally protected right under the state constitution. As Jessie Jackson pointed out on Wednesday, “What’s not commonly known: We do not have the fundamental constitutional right to vote. We have the states’ right to vote”  He went on to say, “Every state has its own scheme of barring the vote, so what that means is (in) North Carolina, they can remove booths from college campuses — states can do that to suppress student votes.”

The same day, Cincinatti’s City Council passed a resolution supporting the proposed amendment to the state constitution.

Ideally, the right to vote should be protected in every state constitution and the U.S. constitution.

Image: Minority Counsellor








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Tired of Screwing North Carolinians, Art Pope Steps Down As Budget Director

Pope McCrory

After spending a bit of time making sure the government he bought allocated North Carolina tax dollars the way he wanted it, Art Pope is stepping down as the State’s Budget Director. Continue reading

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By Snubbing the Pope, John Boehner Offends Conservative Catholics

Congressional Leaders Honor Fresco Painter Of The Capitol Constantino Brumidi

One would think the Republican Party has run out of ways to alienate people and lose elections.  With rhetoric and policies that offend and hurt 99% of America, who is left? Continue reading

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