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David Gregory out, Chuck Todd Brought In To Deal the Final Blow To MTP

David Gregory Chuck Todd

On Thursday, David Gregory announced on twitter, what everyone already knew.  He is leaving Meet The Press and MSNBC. Continue reading

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Four Days Later Ferguson Police Short on Answers But Big on Militarization


Of all the lows that Republicans stoop to, their claims that there is a war on white people and the right wing’s faux Christianity are without question the most disgusting. Continue reading

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Koch Candidate Shows Business Savvy with Company Owing $100k in Back Taxes

Merkley ahead

Jeff Merkley continues to wipe the floor with Monica Wehby in Oregon’s race for the U.S. Senate.  The latest poll shows Merkley is holding his lead with a clear majority of the vote at 52.7% to Wehby’s 38.1%

The Koch Brothers targeted Merkley, perhaps because he is an effective Senator who actually gives a damn about the 99% of Americans for who the Kochs have nothing but contempt.  But, for all the money the Koch brothers poured into Monica Wehby’s campaign, the polls suggest that voters in Oregon are sticking with Jeff Merkley.

As a Koch Brother candidate, Monica Wehby emphasizes her expertise in the private sector and what the Tea Party calls a “job creator” as qualifications to represent Oregon in the U.S. Senate.  Too bad her “expertise” failed her when she invested in a company that owes 100k in back property taxes.  Before going further there is nothing about this story that suggests Wehby did anything illegal.  Since Wehby suggests that “expertise” in the private sector qualifies her to be a Senator, her ability to make good investment decisions is fair game.

The Huffington Post reports Wehby’s financial disclosure form lists her as a “Member of American Beef Processing LLC since December 2010.”  It’s a company that hasn’t been doing very well.

But the startup hasn’t done well. The Clackamas County Clerk’s office lists two properties owned by American Beef Processing that owed a total of $103,414.62in delinquent taxes. One property owed $81,232.66 in taxes, accrued from 2009 to 2012, and another owed $22,181.96, accrued in 2012. Both properties are listed at 15501 SE Piazza Ave. in Clackamas County, and the clerk’s office confirmed to HuffPost that they are owned by American Beef Processing. The documents can be viewed here and here.

Wehby tries to walk the fact that this company is not doing well and the fact that it owes over $100k in back taxes by saying she is just a small investor and besides it isn’t like she has much say in the day-to-day operations of the company.

The thing is she lists this companies as one of her “positions held outside of government”  along with her other positions as a doctor at Legacy Health Systems, trustee of the AMA and “member” of  Ecola Point Development LLC.   To be fair, Wehby did make money as a doctor and during her AMA gig. Her investment at Ecola Point is valued between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000.  Of course, if as she claims she isn’t responsible for American Beef Processing, the same logic applies to Ecola Point.

It’s interesting that Wehby is one of a handful of women, the Koch brothers deemed worthy of letting out of the kitchen to carry water for the Koch agenda of economic freedom for the 1% with poverty, political oppression and regulation over every aspect of life  for everyone else.

The greater lesson lies in the fact, that no matter how much money the Koch brothers “invest” in their water boys and occasional water girl, voting still matters.  Jeff Merkley has had a huge lead throughout this race because he believes in government of the people, by the people and for the people.




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NC Tea Party Wants to Impeach Roy Cooper For What Scalia Predicted.


Republicans in North Carolina have a new motto.  If you can’t win elections with your ideas, cheat.  On Friday, Judge Thomas D. Shroeder assured the state’s Republicans will have the legal cover they wanted to cheat.  To that end, Rock the Vote is stepping up to help make sure you don’t get turned away at the polls. First, Rock the Vote is a great place to learn what you need to do to protect your vote. They also provide a phone number to call if have a problem at the polls.  Put this number on your phone and spread it around to everyone you know. 866-OUR-VOTE

If you have a problem at the polls or you see someone else is having a problem dial that number!

Their site provides vital information for all fifty states, so check it out and tell your friends to check it out as well. Next, you can read their reaction to the ruling here. Rock the Vote also set up a petition to demand politicians in all states, protect the vote.

Even with their vote suppression laws, and perhaps a recognition on some level that vote suppression will fail as it has before, the Tea Party wants to energize the base with promises of an impeachment show to blame Roy Cooper for the inevitable down fall of North Carolina’s ban on marriage equality.

NC Amendment 1

Image via Adventure Paul

If it sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same trick the Tea Party wingnuts within the Republican Party are using throughout the United States.

There are important differences between the two.  The Federal impeachment show will be telecast if Republicans win control of the Senate, with President Barack Obama as their target.

My sources in North Carolina suggest the state’s version of an impeachment show, with Roy Cooper as the target, isn’t going to happen. Still, this serves as a teachable moment about the Tea Party mentality.

The similarities between the Tea Party impeachment fantasies lie in their absurdity and in what is ultimately a mockery of the purpose of impeachment proceedings.

The Federal impeachment show, in reality, is based on Barack Obama committing the high crime of being being elected president twice while black and the misdemeanor of being a Democrat.

Like their federal counterparts, North Carolina’s Tea Party believes that being a Democrat should be an impeachable offense, of which Roy Cooper is guilty.  His high crime is having the intellectual capacity to decide against wasting tax payer resources on an exercise in the futility in making losing arguments.  Specifically, Cooper used this rational when he decided to discontinue defending the state’s anti- marriage equality law.  Moreover, Roy Cooper is guilty of recognizing that the same court that struck down Virginia’s ban on same sex marriages will likely rule the same way on the North Carolina version.  Cooper also committed the crime of recognizing that the Supreme Court will ultimately decide the issue. However, Cooper’s biggest offense is his refusal to put reality aside to give the Tea Party what it wants.

The SCOTUS managed to evade the question of whether same sex marriages are protected under the U.S. constitution in its previous rulings.  Now that Virginia and Utah have taken their respective bans on same sex marriage to the Roberts court, there is no place to hide, punt or evade.

That said, Roy Cooper’s job as Attorney-General is to make decisions about which legal battles to pursue based on the law and the reality is, the future for homophobic fantasies of bans on same sex marriage is bleak.  Advocates of marriage equality won 20 cases in the year since the Supreme Court ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). A year ago, Antonin Scalia who is opposed to marriage equality, saw the same legal realities that led to Roy Cooper’s decision to discontinue the fight.

How easy it is, indeed how inevitable, to reach the same conclusion with regard to state laws denying same-sex couples marital status. No one should be fooled; it is just a matter of listening and waiting for the other shoe.

However, telling the Tea Party about reality results in the same reaction as saying no to a two year old.  The inevitable result is a temper tantrum followed by screams of “I wanna impeachment show!”

Norm Sanderson raised the prospect of impeachment at the first meeting of Morehead-Beaufort Tea Party – to an audience of 16. 

If he’s not going to defend what we, the citizens of North Carolina, want him to defend, we need to probably impeach him because he’s been a vocal opponent of the marriage amendment ever since it was passed. Our leadership hasn’t made the final decision but everything is on ready, set, go if that’s what we want to do.

In short, Sanderson says he wants to impeach Cooper because instead of doing what the Tea Party wants he recognized the very reality that Atonin Scalia predicted a year ago.

Image Amendment 1 Adventure Paul

Main Image: Truthdig



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Remembering Robin Williams and His Amazing Ability to “Touch Every Element of The Human Spirit”


The tragic news about Robin Williams’ death is just starting to sink in. Continue reading

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Gun Sense – Not! Texas Agency Wants to Sell Alcohol at Gun Shows


It can only happen at gun shows in Texas. It’s where you can strap a semi-automatic on your back and go to church, a restaurant or a baseball game.  You can block traffic in the name of promoting gun culture.  You can shoot someone first, see if you had a reason to fear them later. Continue reading

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Obama Says The problems in Iraq Cannot Be Solved Overnight

Obama on Iraq

Throughout Barack Obama’s Presidency, the GOP made it clear they wanted him to fail. Continue reading

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New Study: Odds of ID laws Stopping in Person Voter Fraud 31 In a Billion

Voter Fraud

Throughout their efforts to suppress the vote, Republicans claimed restrictive voter ID laws are necessary. Continue reading

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Medical Examiner Rules James Brady’s Death A Homicide


NBC reports a medical examiner has ruled James Brady’s death was a homicide resulting from his injuries during the 1982 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Continue reading

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FL GOP Try to Replace Unconstitutional Map With New Unconstitutional Map


Florida Republicans responded to a Federal Court order to redraw their congressional map so that it will conform with the state’s constitution.  There is just one problem, the new map looks virtually identical to the unconstitutional one Judge Terry P. Lewis concluded was too gerrymandered to pass constitutional muster.  Judge Lewis drew particular attention to Districts 5 & 10.

Here is some of what the Judge said about District 5.

“Congressional District does not adhere tothe tier-two standards in Article III Section 1.  It is visually not compact, bizarrely shaped, and does not follow traditional political boundaries as it winds from Jacksonville to Orlando.”

As Think Progress explains the differences between District 5 as drawn in the unconstitutional congressional map and the redrawn version are minimal.

Winding awkwardly around the center of the state to include the urban centers of Gainesville and Orlando made District 5 about 50 percent African American, and the population has been represented in Washington by Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL), a vocal member of Congressional Black Caucus, since 1992…

The new map proposed by state legislators would reduce Brown’s district to 48 percent African-American, while boosting her neighbor’s district–represented by Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL) from 10 to over 12 percent African-American. Other than that tweak, the basic politics of the state are unlikely to change.

The League of Woman Voters and Common Cause, who brought the lawsuit on behalf of voters in Florida were not impressed.

They described the new map as “a slight alteration” that does a “disservice to voters who have waited too long for constitutional districts.”

Even though Republicans have the votes to pass this map in the legislature, it is unlikely that Judge Lewis will be any more impressed with this sham than the voters rights groups who brought this matter to the court’s attention.

As it stands, it’s debatable if a new map can be in place by Election Day.  The judge already indicated that it may be necessary to postpone the election or hold a special election in the affected districts.  Those possibilities look increasingly.

Image: Tampa Bay



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