Martin Bashir Showed Integrity and Class – Now He Should Be Reinstated.


I have to admire Martin Bashir. His actions showed that he has more integrity and class in his baby finger than Sarah Palin could ever dream of.  His show and the fact that he resigned over a comment that I won’t defend, prove it.  Moreover, when put in perspectve, Bashir’s comment about Sarah Palin pales when compared to Rush Limbaugh’s character assassination of Sandra Fluke for two reasons.

First, as politically incorrect as this may be to the right wing,  Palin is a public person and that means when she makes idiotic comments (in other words every time she opens her mouth) she’s going to get called out for them.  I’m not defending how Bashir called her out, but I applaud that he did.  Conversely, Sandra Fluke was a private person who endured a week long character assassination by Rush Limbaugh.  Frankly, the longevity and viciousness of Limbaugh’s character assassination made his attack more offensive than Bashir’s.

Second, there is a double standard.  The right wing rewards character assassinations, while crying victim when Liberals have or are perceived to have returned in kind.

For far too long, conservative political correctness has dumbed down the “news” to dog whistles, wild conspiracy theories and character assassinations.  After a steady diet of Tea Party talking points, “news” stories that fall apart when they are fact checked, it’s impossible to reason with Fox fans.  One would have a more meaning and reasonable political discussion with a houseplant.  It’s probable that a Fox consumer still thinks that Cornelius Kelly really was told that Obamacare doesn’t cover babies.  The odds of Palin followers knowing that Kelly forgot to include the baby in his application will be lost in the muddy sea of right wing political correctness.  I seriously doubt that they know once Kelly corrected the application he provided, his baby was insured under the Affordable Care Act.

Palin has spent years contributing to the murky sea of right wing political correctness with death panels, cross hairs and the not so subtle racial overtones of birtherism.

Someone had to call her out for the vicious banshee that she is. Okay, Bashir could have found a more genteel way to make his point.  Still he apologize and he resigned. In short, he showed us what a journalist and a gentleman does, when even if he did something for the right reasons, he may have erred in the way he did it.

When was the last time Fox corrected a story that wasn’t fact checked?  When was the last time Glenn Beck apologize for calling everyone he disagrees with a Nazi?  In fact, Beck and others like him are paid to up the vitriol while dumbing down America.

NBC would do America a service by bringing back one of the few political commentators who believes in facts, but more importantly believes in honor.

If you want Martin back on Call 212-664-2456 Phil Griffin’s Office.  Thanks to @Zhian2160 and @kerryb214 for getting this going on Twitter.



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