Romney, Crow and Hitler Oh my!

As the country awaited election results in Wisconsin,  Mitt Romney was in Texas, doing a little fundraising.  Among the millionaires on Romney’s donor list was Dallas Real Estate Maganate, Harlan Crow.  Crow collects all kinds of things, as the Dallas News reports:

His personal library would rival a small college, complete with first editions on American history, several original Gilbert Stewart paintings decorating the walls and, under long glass displays, letters of famous people from Thomas Jefferson to the Wright brothers. Then there’s the room mementos of the principals of World War II – on one wall, a painting by Winston Churchill, on another wall a landscape by Dwight Eisenhower and, on a third wall, two original paintings of a European city scene by Adolph Hitler.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation. And I’m just as sure that the right wing will claim that pointing to the paintings by Hitler in the room is really stretching.  After all, Crow is a “job creator”  He earned his money and he as the right to buy anything he wants — including paintings by the leader of the Third Reich.

I’m not about to make any statements about the appropriateness of buying a painting or two by the Nazi dictator.  Let alone, the wisdom of a Presidential Candidate being in the same room with them.

I will settle for concurring with the sentiments expressed by Politico

One of the lessons we’ve learned over and over in this campaign is that very rich people — or at least, the very rich people who dabble in politics — are also often pretty odd.

Odd indeed.

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