The new Digg: digg, bury or walk?

After much hype, Digg 4 arrived with many broken axles.  Everything works … at random.  Sometimes you can vote an article up or down (the digg and bury buttons are gone.)   Sometimes you can’t.  Sometimes you can vote a comment up or down, other times not so much.  Sometimes you can submit a story and sometimes . ..  well you get the idea.  I’ve used Digg on and off, so I’m not what you’d call a power digger or someone who spends hours day after day on the site.  That said, there are substantive differences to this site, and more than a couple of concerns as noted by Digg found, Kevin Rose.

  • The upcoming section is gone.
    Out of 200+ Million pageviews in July, only 0.4% was from upcoming (yes, that’s less than 1/2 of a percent). I definitely see the fun behind wanting to see stories just before they jump, so we’ll add a view of upcoming popular stories soon.

My comment: Part of the “Upcoming stories” value, at least for me, was to see stories that I may find interesting, rather than simply relying on what is popular.

  • Mainstream outlets and power users have been given more power over the front page.
    All diggs are still equal, nothing has changed there. Our directory of recommended users will eventually open to the entire world. We will sort users, not on popularity (followers), but based on how good you are at finding/digging content (similar to This will remove the popularity contest and put the focus on quality diggers.

My comment:  How can you suggest that all diggs are still equal if certain users have more power over the front page?  Moreover, the meaning of “mainstream” is in the eye of the beholder, at least in the politics section.  What may be mainstream to a Tea Party member will be seen as extreme to someone who is progressive minded and vice versa.

  • The default homepage is now “My News” and cannot be changed.
    Makes sense, we’ll add this setting.

My comment: In my opinion, the old home page was better.

  • All your favorites have been deleted
    Our fault, we’ll add these to your “saved stories” section.

My comment: Fair enough.  I’ll hold you to that.

  • Comments from your friends preempt the main discussion.
    This was by design, we wanted to give you a quick way to see your friends comments.

My comment: I actually like this feature, though I did manage to find my friend’s comments be it by looking at their profile activities or while reading through the comments section of an article.

  • The comment box is three lines high, not resizable, and type out light blue text on white.
    We just changed the text to dark grey, we’ll look into the resizing.

My comment: Fair enough.

  • Timestamps have been removed.
    This is a bug, hope to have this fixed soon.
My comment: I hope so.
  • The bury button is gone.
  • By removing the bury button we have put a stop to the bury brigades. The “hide” button next to every story also acts as a “report” button, if enough people hide a story a site moderator is notified and we review it for TOS violations.

My comment: I think there was a difference between the “bury” and “report” functions.  The bury button reflects the article’s “success” in the market place of ideas.  The report button looks like it was intended to suggest that the article (or comment) violated Digg’s terms of service. By making these one and the same, you’re giving even more power to the “power diggers” in terms of the content those of us who are more casual users of digg have access to.  What was that thing about equality?

  • The report button is gone.
    It’s located on every permalink page (comments page) under the story description.

So then, there is a separate report button.  Ok.

  • Historical submissions, like the Obama victory thread, have had their digg counts reset and their comment sections mangled.
    We will fix this.

My comment: Great to know that we can still review old, but significant stories on digg.

  • The color scheme has changed.
    We refreshed the design. If something is unusable (hard to read etc.) please let us know.
My comment: Fair enough.

*** Note:  Mr. Rose addressed some additional issues, which are basically in the category of “we’re fixing them.”

A couple of concerns that haven’t been addressed:

I see a lot of this, be it as a a result of trying to submit or vote on an article, logging in, submitting or voting on a comment about an article.

Digg has broken an axle.

We might have to sell some oxen but we’ll be back on the trail soon.

It’s frustrating, but the reality is, glitches can happen and often get ironed out.  The problem with the “New Digg” is it’s layout reminds  me of the old facebook, just with ads.  The social interaction component seems to be … secondary to advertising.  Gone are the digg power bar, the ability to see the stories you’ve submitted and those which have reached popularity.   Just my opinion, but I’m not sure this is the best way to keep people at the website. From what I’ve seen there is some debate on digg, much of which suggests that other people are even less enthusiastic about it than I am. Some are either migrating  to Old Dog, which is reminiscent of Digg 3 or Reddit.

As for me?  I have this thing about wanting to know how a story ends, but I’ll be a lot less active at Digg .  Something about frequent broken axles just rubs me the wrong way.

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